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Pip Denham

Pip Denham is a talented sculptor with a long history in the art business world. Having previously exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy and the Boecho Gallery, London he also has representation in Barcelona. 

Educated in Model Making, Applied Art as well as holding a HND in Silversmithing & Jewellery Design from the City of Glasgow College, he is a lifelong student having graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art (University of Edinburgh) in Sculpture and receiving the 2018 SSA New Graduate Award and the Santander Travel/ Research Award.

In his own words:
"I am an artist, in awe of this strange planet and like many, I find myself at times wrestling with (and drawn to) the polarised nature in which humanity expresses itself.

I rarely have a particular medium in mind, or how I will communicate this expansive endeavour, and am always open to the possibilities of how each artwork should be researched and represented. One work may require collaboration, culminating in a piece of ‘Ceramic and Sound'. Another may ask for a solitary approach, then represented through ‘Photography and Word’. Each concept dictates each exploration.

​At present, Sculptural form is foremost in my desire to express myself creatively. I tend to have a philosophical approach to art, in that my interests go beyond created form. In particular the Logos - the so-called divine principle of reason and judgement associated with the animus.

This interest has led to a continued questioning of the ‘vessel’ as a natural object containing the intangible, and as an expression of humanity within varied cultures throughout history."