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We have a diverse collection of artwork from artists we trade, but talent we don't necessarily represent.

Mirella Bitetti

Giuseppe D'Elia
Giuseppe is a landscape artist who captures the beautiful land and seascapes of southern Italy and the Adriatic coastline with an imaginative mind and vibrant palette. His use of colour and the manner in which he applies in careful brush strokes or free flowing palette knife captures the idyllic rural setting of the fields, orchards, coastline and waterways of this tranquil part of Italy. Golden yellows, rust reds and burnt orange are mixed and applied to his canvases in such a way that they exude warmth and his light use of colour for the sky and the sea creates a hazy, subdued atmospheric feeling which is entirely appropriate for a calm sea on a warm day. Giuseppe studied at various art schools and colleges in Italy and in 1974 he was offered his first solo show in a gallery in Brindisi. Since then Giuseppe has not looked back and he exhibits regularly in galleries in the fashionable cities of Rome and milan as well as keeping to his rural roots and showing in small resort towns around the country. Giuseppe has had his work shown at all the major art fairs in Italy as well as fairs in Frankfurt, Cannes, Dublin, London and Edinburgh.

Michel Boulet
French artist

Identity withheld