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Gianni Piva

GIANNI PIVA was borns in Treviso in 1967. Already at a young age he showed an inclination for color and art. During his youth he followed his family, travelling in different countries of the world. At the end of his studies he began pursuing his dreams: travel, fashion, art, cinema, theater.

A long and intense stay in the Caribbean, immersed in a primordial nature of extraordinary beauty, unfolded the natural talent of the artist. The artworks of art of Gianni Piva reveal a profound, poetic sensibility that, originating from the soul, express intense chromatisms through a decisive sign.
Herald of artistic vitality, existential joy, ode to nature, spiritual wealth, message of hope.

After the first successes in the United States, Gianni Piva went back to Italy. Where met art gallery owners and international art dealers, who spread his works of art all over the world.
He currently lives and works in Italy.

What is the world, the cosmos like, according to the artistic vision of Gianni Piva? In today’s age, where we witness nature in pain, wounded by man, –there are poets – no matter their expressive form. Whether figurative or literary or musical, filmic, theatrical, who look at it with an eye not hurt, but curious.

They are artists who preserve in themselves a sense of immaculacy, of virginity. Therefore their expression comes with a candor of innocence, as that of a child’s gaze. But, at the same time, the child in them knows life, pain, love, creative torment. There is a new kind of artist in these creators – and Gianni Piva is one of them – who of the past does not negate discoveries and achievements. His art does not dwell on memory if not to make a launch pad to explore new paths, original ways of talking and observing. In him but the look and the word are one thing together.

The works of Gianni Piva are in fact different (temporal, spatial, whether they’re seasons or places)… With a spirit of tireless, researcher of thoughts that arise from visions and emotions.